Payment methods

The payment method allows you to make purchases easily and quickly.

The payment method you need when you buy the product, click to order, then upgrade your orde and click proceed to the payment button.

To Save your Debit/Credit card details :

  • On the review page and pay, select Debit or Credit Card.
  • Checkbox mark next to Remember Card.
  • You fill your card information
  • Clicking payment button and pay

And You can save details for the next purchase.

To pay with your saved card:

  • On the Review page and Pay, select Credit and Debit Cards.
  • Click Place Your Order.

To remove your saved card details:

  • once logged in, Click profile picture, and click settings then billing.
  • Click Remove, Inthe credit card for payments.

To connect your PayPal account:

  • On page review and pay, select PayPal.
  • Mark the checkbox next to Remember me for fast checkout.
  • Click Continue.

You will be redirected to PayPal. Follow the instructions. Once your payment is approved, your PayPal account will be connected. Try your luck with daily coin master free spins.

To pay with your connected PayPal account:

  • Go to the payment page, Click Place your Order.

Your PayPal account will be charged instantly. There is no login required.